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Given below are few reactions ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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For concentration cell, `Ag|Ag^(+)(C_1)||Ag^(+)(C_2)|Ag, E_"cell"=-0.0591/1"log"C_1/C_2`For the cell , `2Ag^(+) +H_2 "(1 atm)" to 2Ag + 2H^(+) (1M) , E_"cell"=E_"cell"^@-0.0591/2"log"([Ag^+]^2)/[H^+]^2` For an electrochemical reaction, at equilibrium `aA + bB overset("ne"^-) hArr cC + dD, E_"cell"^@=0.0591/n "log"([C]^c [D]^d)/([A]^a [B]^b)` For the cell , `M_((aq))^(n+) + "ne"^(-) to M_((s)) , E=E^@-0.0591/n "log"1/([M^(n+)])`

Answer : B
Solution : For `2Ag^(+) + H_2` (1 atm) `to 2Ag + 2H^(+)` (1 M ) <br> `E_"cell"=E_"cell"^@-0.0591/2"log"([H^+]^2)/([Ag^+]^2)`

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hello everyone question the questions given below are a few reactions with some expressions mark the expressions which is not correctly the given options we can see clearly that all these options reaction Paul let's write the equation which we are going to you question which is our equation EMF of cell is equal to in hostel -0.05 9 1 / lock of concentration of product divided by the concentration of reactant over here

in excel is the standard and your is number of electrons exchanged during the reaction product / operation or activity of reactive one at a time to start by our first given cell reaction which is AG AG + 1 + 2 over hair instantly presentation on the left right action and hair ok to will write the reactions first which are taking place at the anode and cathode to add the end of the auction will form

plus plus one electron and reduction tips kids are over one more thing to keep in mind that concentration on the anodic 1 and concentration on the cathodic side is now complete reaction complete the reaction AG + 2 + 1 + 8 ji

at anode and cathode both are Silver electrode being there for this 10 is going to be airport r t cell will be equal to minus 0.059 1 divided by the number of electrons ring exchange which is one electron is clear from the equation divided by 1 log of product type solid the activity 1 mention our solid in equation to write concentration and this one is adding a note 8 / AG + concentration at cathode

this will be equal to minus 0.059 1 divided by 1 log of 7 / ok this is our first option now let's come to the second one in this second option we have given a reaction which is 2G + 2 + 2 h to we will write the equation for this as let's write the anodic and cathodic reaction Stewart and now oxidation at will get converted into plus plus two electrons and

are to Ag + + electron will form 28 ji over here we can write E cell is equal to in not sell -0.05 9 1 / log of concentration of product which is X + square divided by 8 over here are n the number of electrons change is 22 electrons are being kids dress will be equal to minus 0.059 1/2 log of

square divided by AG + square 3rd one is a + b p in form + didi reaction as you can see the reaction at equilibrium 24 search reaction is cell is equal to zero at equilibrium therefore are not sell will be equal to 0.059 1 / n log of concentration of product / reactance will be c h c d to D power D divided by a to the power a and b to the power bi ok so this will be equation nashta question for

now let's come to the court one we have given reaction and positive Aqua plus any electrons give us M this are East L will be equal to not sell -0.05 9 1 / log of product Upon A reactant and product side we have solid to the activity will be 1 / concentration and positive equation for so come to our options in C which one is incorrect not correctly matched for this it is the correct equation so this one is correct now for this second Park you can see here

they had given a G Plus on the product side but it is present on the reactant side right to this equation in over here in the third all the expression is correct and the fourth one there equation for the expression which is not correctly matched

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - NCERT FINGERTPS ENGLISH Class 12 CHEMISTRY

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