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Alcohols,phenols And Ethers


Give two reactions that show t...

Give two reactions that show the acidic nature of phenol.Compare acidity of phenol with that of ethanol


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution :  Acidic nature of phenol is shown by the following reactions: (á) (i) Reactions with active metals like Na,K. Mg etc: hydrogen gas is liberated FIGURE Reaction with aqueous NaOH : Pheno behaves like a. weak acid neutratizing NaOH - an alkali and forming salt. FIGURE (b) Comparison of acidity of, phenol with that of ethanol. C_2 H_s OH+NaOH rarr No reaction The above reaction of phenol with aqueous NaOH indicates that phenōl is a stronger acid than ethanol.


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