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Class 10






Study Of Ammonia `(nh_3)`


Give suitable reason(s) for ea...

Give suitable reason(s) for each of the following: <br> `P_2O_5`, is not used to dry ammonia.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Because of the formation of ammonium sulphate .<br> `underset("Phosphoric")(P_2O_5)+underset("water")(3H_2O)+underset("Ammonia")(6NH_3)rarrunderset("Ammoniumphosphate")(2(NH_4)_(3)PO_4)`


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hello students today is given question is give suitable reasons for each of the following is not used to dry Ammonia acid we should give the reason for when we see the ammonia what is the nature of this this is a basic nature it contains basic nature of these two of these contains a signature rate if you try to use it for day drawing Ammonia then what will happen the bottle right to each other to neutralize the presence of water ride Ammonia + water + what will we get Ammonium Phosphate

H4 price NH4 taken as we get Ammonium Phosphate po4 will get this product and we try to balance your having to every year to year 6 and 3 this is the bench as you can see if you try to use the beauty of a drying the ammonia but what is happening here they both are writing so we don't use not only video of a whatever the acidic in nature we can't use like and also we can't use H2 s o4 which is also a dehydrating agent right Anderson can't use HCL like the picture HD kin Niger so if it is basic shiksha news

example what is calcium oxide this is what is this this is a basic in nature we can use this calcium oxide as trying what we can say finally we can't you too often because it is HD right and ammonia is basic in nature they react with each other they react with each other so we can't use so video of I can't use thank you students


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