Give suitable chemical term for the following: <br> A bond formed by a shared pair of electrons with both electrons coming from the same atom.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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film star the question the question is that the chemical term for the following pair of electrons with both electrons coming from the same atom that which bonding it is that is that is ionic bonding or covalent bonding or coordinates capable of gently 13 to that are formed by the shared pair of electrons that one is covalent bonding and the other colours co-ordinate covalent bonds formed by the sharing of electrons by the sharing of electrons between the atom co-ordinate Bond formed by sharing of electrons

sharing of electrons with one that is only single atom or the same atoms shares be wishes the electron virus and covalent bond if I am saying suppose there is a atom a and there is atom B and they have bonding in the one at one electron of one electron of be that is both the unpaired electrons are share to form where as in co-ordinate Bond suppose there is an atom a an atom in the bond is formed between a and b and that bond is co-ordinate Bond so only the electrons of a that is to let forms of a shared between these bonds for the is used to denote the co-ordinate Bond the arrow suggests that the both the

electrons are from the same at they are from the same it is just a bond Bond for a share of electrons can be covalent and co-ordinate with both the electrons coming from the electrons in this electrons one is of a and 1 is a and b in this both the electrons are the same atom for this definition for co-ordinate Bond co-ordinate thank you

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