Updated on:30/05/2023

Give reasons : Ice floats on water.



hello everyone the question is give reasons in this question we have to give reason for the statement that is ice floats on water so let's start density is equals to the mass per unit volume that is mass by volume right so s the volume increases the density of substance decreases right
so ice floats on water because less dense than water the density of ice point 931 and the density of water is 1 gram per cubic centimetre now why ise has less density than water let's see when water freezes into solid form that is ise it forms stable
hydrogen bonds locking them into positions like this right but in case of liquid water the hydrogen bonds the hydrogen bonds constantly break Reform due to which the bonds are able to move what in case of ice as it forms stable hydrogen bonds the bonds are log that fixed positions due to which they are not able to move as a result which
reduces the density of ice in comparison water that's why ice floats on water this is the solution thank you