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Class 12






D And F Block Elements


Give reasons for following in ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `CrO_3` is an acid anhydride When it is added to water, it forms chromic acid. So it is the anhydride of chromic acid. <br> `CrO_3+H_2OtoH_2CrO_4`

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everyone consider the given question give reasons for the following in one or two sentences it is given that cro3 is an acidic acid anhydride so fast way to define the acid anhydride acid anhydride so we know that when water molecules is released or removed from acid than acetic anhydride is formed for example if we remove water from carbonic acid that is ss203 that is -2 go there is a formation of its is dick anhydride that is CO2 CO2 is the acidic anhydride of carbonic acid or the acid anhydride of carbonic acid so we have to have to find

wap to check cro3 is an acid anhydride or not so we know that we know that when cro3 is combined with s to go to eat form chromic acid that is stars2 cro4 or universally we can say that when as to cro4 that is one water molecule is removed from the chromic acid that is chromic acid so we get the cro3 so this is the acid anhydride of the chromic acid acid anhydride because it is form after removal of water from the chromic acid hence we can clearly see that cro3 is an is an acid anhydride thank you

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