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Class 12






The P-block Elements


Give one example each of acidi...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Acidic oxide - `SO_(2)` <br> Basic oxide - `MgO` <br> Amphoteric oxide - `Al_(2) O_(3)` <br> Neutral oxide - `CO`

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hello student is given question we need to account give one example for each one of them acidic basic amphoteric and neutral oxide so basically we know that acidic oxides are being formed by the non metal Emporium basic oxides are found by metal and amphoteric nature will be shown by some of the objects which are fixed in nature so many metalloids are also going to show this type of oxide but we are going to take them with example and neutral oxide formed by some of the molecules to let's discuss each one of them general example if we take acidic it will be formed by non metal which can take example of a spot to CO2 and many non metallic oxide depending only one example only one example the basic oxides as being shown by way of doctors metal oxide MG calcium oxide and other you can take as per your requirement type Vineet

amphoteric which improve both characteristic impo nature is being shown by which of B H A L 2 O3 is amphoteric in nature and H2 O2 also we need to discuss the neutral effects the neutral oxides are basically our carbon monoxide example of each one of them being taken to this was the solution for the given problem thank you

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