Give IUPAC names of the following k structures <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/AAK_T6_CHE_C24_E11_001_Q01.png" width="80%">

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
(i) 3- Bromon- 4- methylheptnane <br> (ii) 1,1,1- Trichlorobut -2-ene <br> (iii) 3-Bromocyclopropene


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hello everyone letter start this vacation the question says that give IUPAC names of the following structures so in this question 3 structures are given and we have to write their IUPAC name so here are the first picture is latest draw the structure again we have a structure like this heavy aap bromine and here we have mithaai go right so we have to write down its name IUPAC name now for writing the IUPAC name first of all we have to identify the longest carbon ji so if you look at this scene we have 12345678 the longest chain can be 7 Karbonn change now we have to see that numbering should be done from which carbon right there

can be done from here or it can be done from here but will do the numbering like this 123 por pipe pic7 because in this way bromine will will be given third number right and we have to give priority to bromine in comparison to mithaai 57 carbon atoms in it means it is happening right now we have here to subsequent at third position we have bromo and its fourth have mithai so while writing the name we have to write the names of substituents also so will write 3 bromo then we have at 4th position method for methyl then we have seven carbon atom chain so it is happy

15 write the correct IUPAC name here we have written bromo first in comparison to methyl because we have to write the name according to Alpha and becomes first in comparison to M that is why bromo is written in the IUPAC name of the first structure now let us do the second show we have set a second structure is CH3 ch2 double bond ch2 CH3 write the structure now as you can see we have 4 carbon atoms change now we can start numbering from here and from here also but will start the numbering from here because when we start numbering from here because in this we have three chlorine atoms so priority will be given to it because in both the

ways the double bond will get second we can start from n from any of the site but here we have chlorine to start from this site 1234 now we have 4 carbon atoms in and we have double bond it means it is LTE and 4 carbon atoms in prefix is view this is duty to A carbon free chlorine atoms to write 1113 chlorine atoms and first carbon so will write three times one trichloro we have three cloree tri chloro then it is you team but double bond is present at S Karbonn to will write it as bute write the IUPAC name of the compound now we'll see the

next one third one Das then its third we are given three membered ring with the dove and a broom me now this is three members chain write three carbon atoms we have one two and three members chain is cyclopropane but we have a double bond it means it is alkene it will be cyclopropene now we have to start the numbering the double double bond have to give priority to 112 123 rights at third position we have promo to write 3 bromo and it is cyclone property and double bond is present at

first position so you can simply right cyclopropene cyclone property right there is no need of specifying the first position because double bond get free priority so it is understood that it is presented first position 3 bromo the IUPAC name of the compound thank you

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