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Give four examples of heterogeneous catalytic reactions.


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In heterogeneous catalysis, the catalyst is present in a different phase than that of the reactants, e.g.,
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Hello 11 question is give four example of heterogeneous catalytic reactions ok so what what is heterogeneous catalytic reaction catalytic reaction means that react and our react and physical state react and physical state little finger state will pick different will be different from catalyst catalyst ok so let's start with examples first example first example we have SO2 photo give so3
here we have used Platinum as a catalyst which is in project home interior show to shoulder Sulphur dioxide is our gas oxygen is care and we get Sulphur dioxide NH3 + photo will give Nitrogen monoxide plus water ok but we have used here also be used Platinum catalyst which solid form and our this and Ammonia it is in cash form of you when using gas ko ok so now when we further discuss we will see that
third example and to H2 gives to industry process its name is held process it is also used in the manufacture of ammonia here we have used what if catalyst ok and this is also in solid form and N2 is gas home has to get isko so let's example an example we have ch4 Mithun luck water give carbon monoxide + hydrogen hydrogen gas ok
here we have used again and I photo I have used and I visit in solid form this is Nickel oxide we have youth Nickel oxide so this Methane is injected from water is indicate home we have used and IO to solid which is again in solid solid form so Discover carbon monoxide plus what so this is our four examples and that is what we have been asked in the question thank you

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