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Class 10






Study Of Compounds - Sulphuric Acid


Give equations for oxidation w...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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11 letter solve this question the question say is that give equations for the oxidation with concentrated H2 S o4 giving the oxidized product carbon dioxide Sulphur Dioxide phosphoric acid copper to sulphate iodine sulphur respectively this question we have to show the equation of oxidation with H2 s o4 the oxidized product that concentrated H2 S o4 is the oxidizing agent to the first product is carbon dioxide it means the product that we should get is carbon dioxide what happens when carbon reacts with H2 S o4 then oxidation of carbon takes place on heating we get carbon dioxide

to SO2 natta Sulphur dioxide and 2S to this question oxidation is taking place with concentrated H2 S o4 and their carbon is getting oxidized to carbon dioxide then we have second product should be Sulphur dioxide and sulphur when sulphur reacts with H2 S o4 then on he there is formation of Sulphur dioxide and Tour H2 O2 in this equation also sulphur is getting oxidized to SO2 then third phosphoric acid when Phosphorus reacts with

H2 S o4 then on heating there is formation of h 3 PO 4 which is phosphoric acid then H2O and 5 SO2 Phosphorus is getting oxidized right then we have both is copper to self weight so when copper reacts with H2 S o4 that is concentrated sulphuric acid then there is a formation of copper to sulphate +

Sulphur Dioxide that is SO2 + tour H2 O2 in this copper is getting oxidised to Koppa to sulphate with the help of confirmed then 5th reaction they must be formation of iodine so when hydrogen iodide reacts with concentrated H2 S o4 then on heating there is a formation of iodine that is why 2 + 2 H2O + SO2 reaction iodine is produced hair HIV is getting oxidized to iodine I2 with the help of concern H2 S o4 then next reaction there must be formation of sulphur so when H2S that is hydrogen sulphide reacts with H2 s o4

then there is a formation of sulphur H2O and 22 in this reaction also H2S is getting oxidized to self so these are the reactions which occurs in presence of concentrated H2 S o4 and the oxidized products are CO2 and SO2 h 3 PO 4 cuso4 iodine and support this is the answer this is the answer thank you

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