Class 12






The Solid State


Give classification of crystal...

Give classification of crystalline solids.

Text Solution

Solution :  Most of the solid substances are crystalline in nature. For example metallic elements like iron, copper and silver, non-metallic elements like sulphur, phosphorus and iodine and compounds like sodium chloride, zinc sulphide and naphthalene form crystalline solids. <br> Crystalline solids can be classified on the basis of nature of intermolecular forces or bonds that hold the constituent particles together. These are : <br> (i) Ionic bonds <br> (ii) Covalent bonds <br> (iii) Van der Waal.s forces <br> (iv) Metallic bonds <br> On this basis crystalline solids are classified as : <br> (i) lonic solids Or Electrovalent solids. <br> (ii) Covalent solids Or Network solids.<br> (iii) Molecular solids. <br> (iv) Metallic solids. 


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