Give balanced equation for the conversions A and B . <br> Metallic salt `Aoverset(BaCl_2)rarr` White precipitate insoluble in dil .HCl

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone let's start the question the question says that give balance equation for the conversion a and b metallic salt it reacts with bacl2 to form white precipitate that is insoluble in dilute HCL to the question has a balanced equation for the conversion of compound compound we let the metallic salt is sulphate salt sodium metal

is any 2 S o4 that is called sodium sulphate reaction of sodium sulphate with Barium Chloride bacl2 that is Barium Chloride is as follows show latest write the reaction any 2 S o4 + bacl2

gives B A support that is the precipitate this is called Barium sulphate and NaCl is also produced in this reaction NaCl is table salt or sodium chloride now let's look at the physical property of Barium sulphate Barium sulphate Barium sulphate white in colour and is not hollywell

in dilute hydrochloric acid or HCL from this statement we can confirm that we have taken the right metallic salt let's mark reaction at number one toilet write the answer in I is the reaction issm balance equation equation for the conversion conversion of and

hence this is the solution for the given question thank you

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