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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`1^@ ` aliphatic amine `2^@` aliphatic amine `2^@ ` aromiatic amine `1^@` aromatic amine

Answer : A


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hello students the question is Gabriel phthalimide synthesis gives Roshan aliphatic amine S aliphatic amine S aromatic amine and primary aromatic amine this question we need to tell what Gabriel phthalimide synthesis gives us ok so you should know what is the Gabriel phthalimide synthesis reaction in this reaction what happens if we have potassium phthalimide I mean we have hello my ID and your thalamus conh2 thalamai this ok this industry Cavalier animation this isn't Gabriel phthalimide synthesis reaction this hello my ID on this reaction OK what happened here when did it is treated with K o h a v what we will get you will get this provinces as

cute as a base price minus attacks on the Acidic Hydrogen on the set and why only on this is because we know that is any hydrogen is attached to a heteroatom heteroatoms any other than any other than carbon is known as heteroatom Indian head at midnight Ocean which is electronegative as well so that this hydrogen is Acidic Hydrogen hydrogen is acidic hydrogen bomb is based on the hydrogen and abstract this is what you will get we will get our potassium phthalimide right we will get and minus and because it isn't - 3 + will come here this is your this is your potassium phthalimide with natural treated with ch3br patent rights to any other allied here are

exposed bbr2 bcl ok so here we are so what will happen when will come attack on this carbon ok nucleus a type of nucleus of you select a place to be I will be removed and what we will get this we are we are my sleeve is it will keep us and we will be formed from will be just fine here you will get a bond with CH3 the name of the compound and this was known as what is known as n-methyl what we do if we

treat this and methyl hello my we do the acidic hydrolysis ok so when we do the weekend acidic hydrolysis as well as to the basic knowledge in both the cases we will get the same type of a mean ok because in the option we need to tell about which can I mean is what will happen if this is more electronegative this option will get the hydrolysis it will be this one will be broken down because it was - will come on this carbon and same on this carbon as well Android hide option because this nitrogen because it is having a negative charge if we get it will get ice plus to your product will become bored when this won't be broken it will get over it and it will also get

what he will get this product that is your one when this one is working broken and was in this one is working to you will get CH3 nh22 your this a minutes from here and what is this is known as what is the meaning of course but the type of this is the primary aliphatic is family aliphatic amine ok so here it depends on what kind of alkyl halide Vatika near ok that we do not take aromatic halide ok and why we don't take it because we know that because we don't take aromatic am collide with us if I take example of chlorobenzene

let us know and we know that this chlorine has three lone pair 3 pair of electrons like this and it shows resonance it goes like this and just like this waste it will like this year positive and hear a negative charge more resonance resonating structures are there c-cl Bond this CX only one ball will be broken one is more one we need to remove the seal completely but even that I will take you there after and

-1 NCERT book will be attached on the staff and thus it will not be with disc ringnod youth against aromaticity again this we don't have not used here are some that can be used as this will give you what is this this this event of CCL even if it was CS3 I want the breaking of CCL is easier for me is right answer will also not form will not because it is

not forming this is incorrect S I am coming cannot be formed a m can also not be ok that you need to take for that even if you take secondary secondary alkyl halide with this ch2 this secondary and kind like CH3 CH3 and CH medical hydrogen ch3ch princ3 s s the nitrogen of the Ring n - 3 +

become an attack on this carbon it will be removed what you will get you will get this product 11311 nitrogen nitrogen and carbon CH3 hydrogen CH3 CH3 chch3 enough you will get this this is also a primary amine because this is attached to a card to carbon and hydrogen is the primary amine only family aliphatic amine we are not able to perform secondary aliphatic amines as well as I hope you understood thank you so much