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<img src="" width="80%"> formed product 'X' is used as:

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Lab test of PhenolAcid base titration indicatorFood colouringFood preservative

Answer : B


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hello students selected the question to the question of your shows that the derivative of an enemy is time with her family moved here and we have a diazonium salt place opposite benzenesulfonic acid diazonium salt version and both of them together to give us a product X product can be used as what we got to draw the structure of experts from the reaction is word processing and then we have to select the correct option as we can understand the way you this particular group has been spotted to the diazotization when we must have used a note to and HCL which has given us a note to nitrous acid and hence the diazonium salt preparation as taking

on the other hand as we can see if the dining table and daily please and definitely this is going to give rise to a coupling reaction what do you mean by coupling should definitely this going to give rise to an as well as is or are latest duet with your is a dimethyl aniline is ready and is the time zone is called a minus and when we have to born in mounted on this particular position you have your cellphone it's ok ok and now

so this hydrogen is going to be activated yes and it will proceed towards the end reaction and what does this coupling reaction bring to US so these two location please suicide are going to interact ok if you are going to be the product is the formation so let me just one of the Rings give 180 degree rotation to this then which means and would place that dimethyl park on the other side and bring forth the carbon which is going to be interesting to hear it go you are coupled with the diazonium salt Re and what we get is a

product which is known by the name of methyl orange what is it methyl orange what is methyl methyl orange is a very very well known acid base indicator just like I hope you know what is connected to pink variation given point 4.4 pH is a particularly a red colour in acidic medium where as a pure yellow colour in basic medium it is identified to be one of the most used indicator

vigo we take option number to as the correct answer to this question I hope you understood the theory thank you


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