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Class 11






Chemical Equilibrium


For which of the following rea...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : b

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hello students the question is for which of the following reaction the product formation favoured by the low pressure at high temperature this question is given that her actions are given and we have to choose that reaction for which pressure decrease and temperature is raised the product formation is favour so according to reach at least principle people reaction is exothermic that is for that reaction is delta H is less than zero exothermic on decreasing on increasing the temperature it will favour the backward direction

is temperature is degrees it was backward direction will be favours the product formation will not received in case of exothermic and if the delta H for the reaction is greater than zero it means the reaction is endothermic and if we increase the temperature then the power direction is fever and power direction is three word it mean it will favour the formation of the product it will be formation of products Tujhe Tujhe case of temperature now in the case of pressure according to reach active principles if pressure is

decrease the reaction will go to that side or direction toto that direction with number of moles and number of moons reading more number of moles at present that reaction will go to that direction so we have to ttt2 things in the reaction if the reaction is given endothermy and temperature is increased to it will give the formation of product and if pressure is decrease the reaction will go to higher number of moles at so now we will see in one by one reaction to see that in which reaction the product formation is favoured by the temperature low pressure and high temperatures first is H2 + I2 form Stewart and delta H is negative to Fir

reaction if delta H is negative that is it is exothermic reaction and if in excel check if temperature is increased if they were the backward direction so that it is backward direction is it means it will not have the formation of products also the if it is saving the backward direction so no need to see the effect of pressure also the number of moles on both sides in expression is decree no effect of the effect on the incorrect option B is the option that is carbon dioxide gas forming a solid form into gaseous and delta H is positive swiftant it is positive for this reaction If temperature is increased it will save the formation of product in forward direction temperature is having high temperature now we have to see the effect of pressure in this also if pressure is decreased

it will February directions is number of moles are Hai 15 products side number of gases used at 2 and Henry actors and number of Axis Mall this one so it will go to that direction in which city number of Moses Hai when pressure is decreased it will take for the formation of product because it is moving towards the forward direction so this is the correct option that has on increasing the temperature and decreasing the pressure product formation is favoured for this reaction reaction is given carbon monoxide s2s to this form in ethanol Delta it is negative this delta H is negative temperature on increasing the temperature it will for favour the formation of backward direction so this is incorrect option and D option is delta H is positive for the reaction CO2 form

23 for delta H is positive it means on increasing the temperature forward direction is he was formation of product is there but now we have to see the effect of pressure also safety the effect of pressure we have to see the number of moles on the product and the reactants and hear the number of moles of products that are too and reactance industry so it will move to the backward direction on decreasing the pressure in the pressure it is showing backward Direction this is also not the correct the only correct option is the option which on increasing the temperature as decreasing the pressure both direct both conditions favouring the formation of the products that is towards the covert direction so busy correct answer for this question I hope you understood this solution thank you

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