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Class 12






Chemical Equilibrium


For the reaction, A(g)+2B(g)hA...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`0.295 M^(-1)``0.673 M^(-1)``1.178 M^(-1)``2.36 M^(-1)`

Answer : D


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proportional to the reaction A + 2B 2c he was found to be 0.35 give to see that the time t is equal to zero the number of moles per a number of equilibrium reaction will quickly spread to the post of moles of a are reacted then a2x moles of devariya because I am too and it was the concentration of November 1965

we will be 1 - 1.5 - 285 to the question is placed at the concentration of equilibrium was 0.35 to 1 by 2 is equal to 0.3 is equal to equal to zero point 3528 cancer what do you have 0.35 / to come out to be 0.3 to 5 then which is molar is the concentrate is the unit for concentration minus 2 into X 0.35 to be equal to 0.4 M then after that we

the concentration of three visits quality which is equal to 0.3 so you have to find out the equilibrium constant now please write a metric square concentration of and concentration of these are you will get it is equal to 0.35 into 0.3 / 0.2.3 write the unit for humanity will be m square unit in the denominator and this is the correct answer for the question write if you look at the auction

with optional before right it is closer to apna before so therefore that will be the correct answer


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