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For the reaction, 2SO_(2(g))+O...

For the reaction, `2SO_(2(g))+O_(2(g))hArr2SO_(3(g))` What is `K_(c)` when the equilibrium concentration of `[SO_(2)]=0.60M,[O_(2)]=0.82Mand[SO_(3)]=1.90M` ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

(a) `12.229Lmol^(-1)`(b) `24.5Lmol^(-1)`(c) `36.0Lmol^(-1)`(d) `2.67xx10^(3)Lmol^(-1)`

Answer : A
Solution : `K_(c)=([SO_(3)]^(2))/([SO_(2)]^(2)[O_(2)])=((1.9)^(2))/((0.6)^(2)(0.82))=12.229" L mol"^(-1)`


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start this question but the question is for the reaction that is to a SO2 + O2 gives rise to 23 that is in equilibrium what is the equilibrium constant equilibrium concentration of SO2 year and that is 0.6 molar photo is 0.2 molar and so3 is 1.90 bola give the reaction that is to photo give rise to is in equilibrium with two so3 this is the reaction at equilibrium now we have to calculate the value of KC that is the equilibrium constant now what is equilibrium constant it is the ratio of concentration of product that is concentration of e to the power of destruction metric of fish and divided by the ratio of reactant that is as 22 to the par

Sushmita Corporation that is too and so this will be the value of KC that is the equilibrium constant now we will put down the values are given the concentration of so3 episode 2142 1.90 square by SO2 0.60.4 82 from here will get the value of the equilibrium constant at ac that will be equal to 12 point 2 2 9 litre per so this will be the value of equilibrium constant even notice the units of equilibrium constant their little more which is we are using the concentration and we will find the units that will be

molarity square by molarity square into molarity it will be one buy it now we know the unit of molarity is mole per litre will be won by Mol per litre it will be this so this will be the unit that is later per of KC so this will be the correct answer that is option on the correct answer thank you so much

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