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Class 12






Nta Jee Mock Test 35


For the reaction <br> 2CO(g)+O...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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503 kJ400 kJ495 kJ320 kJ

Answer : A

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hello everyone is doing question we have a reaction 2 moles of carbon monoxide and 1 mole of Oxygen are taken in a container of volume 2 litre they completely from two moles of CO2 gas deviate appreciably from Ideal behaviour if pressure in vessel changed from 35 to 28 find the magnitude of delta you at find K so that first write down the given reaction the given reaction is 2 moles of carbon monoxide gas + oxygen gaseous give two moles of carbon dioxide and given delta H value minus 500 kilo shoe so proceed with this question we must know the formula that is delta H is equal to Delta u + n g h t a n g is the value for NG produk minus 10 moles of gaseous product

- moles of gaseous reaction yah supposed to find the value of delta u 25 NG that will come out to be 2 - 2 + 1 that is equal to 2 - 3 = 2 - 1 now to proceed forward with this will substitute the value of everything that is voltage value we know it is given out to be - 500 kilo Joule that will equal to Delta you that is let's assume it has X + Delta NG its minus 1 into 8.314 temperature is find K when we do this what we are going to get it - 500 kilo G

B equal to -4.157 kilo when we do the calculation we are going to get value of x will be equal to minus 500 kilojoule + 4.15 7 kilo that comes out to be x is equal to minus 4 95.8 kilo app to check for the value of a real value of x is Delta u to Delta u is equal to minus 4 95.8 4 so now let's see the options which is available to us in the option number 3 that is 495 we have therefore options is the correct answer thank you

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