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For the reaction <br> 2CO +O_(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `DeltaH = DeltaU +Delta(PV)` <br> `DeltaU = DeltaH - Delta(PV)` <br>`=- 560 - V(P_(2)-V_(1))` <br> `=- 560 -1(40 - 70) xx 0.1` <br> `=- 557 kJ`

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foreigner reaction to CU + photo giving CO2 and 1 mole of O2 are taken in the container of volume 1 litre is completely from two moles of the pressure in the range from 70 to 40 ATM find the absolute value of delta you at 1 litre ATM is equal Tu point so basically what happened is our two motocon oxide react with one mole of Oxygen 2 moles of carbon dioxide delta H is given - 560 after the reaction we have

tumult ok now we know that for the reaction we have delta H equal to Delta u Delta NG Aarti VI editor and Si difference in the moles of the product gaseous product in gaseous reactive power data-ng will be Moto cashier scooter minus moles of cassius reacted equal to 2 - 2 + 1 is equal to -1 now h delta H given which is - 560

closer about our is 8.314 Joule per Mol k h it is 500 K so we can calculate Delta u to H Delta u will be equal to Delta at minus that are NCERT equal to minus 5 into 10 ki power minus minus 1 into our into 8.1 put into temperature TV 7 recap installing this will get the value of delta u equals to -555.8 per closer to our magnitude of that are you will be 550 5.8

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