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For the reaction 2A(g)+B(g)hAr...

For the reaction `2A(g)+B(g)hArr C(g)+D(g), K_c=10^(12)`.if initially 4,2,6,2 moles of A,B,C,D respectively are taken in a 1 litre vessel, then the equilibrium concentration of A is :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

` 4 xx10^(-4)``2 xx 10^(-4)``10^(-4)``8 xx 10^(-4)`

Answer : A


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hello everyone reaction is given in this question that is to a + b is in equilibrium with C + D and K C is given 10 raise to power 12 15 asali 426 and 2 moles of a b c d are present and we have to find out the concentration of now let's see how this question will be sold the reaction is given as voice of a + b is it with C blessing for ola in gaseous state initially how many moles are present initial how many moles are present for moles of a two moles of B 6 months of tomorrow so at equilibrium how many more still be there if I will do for minus Alpha Alpha is

dissociated or Break It then to minus alpha by to because two moles of a react with one mole of which will be alpha by 2 and will be 6 + 6 + alpha by 2 and it will be 2 + alpha by two most powerful that for any reaction for this reaction the equilibrium constant KC would be equal to concentration of C concentration of the concentration of a whole square concentration ok now let's put up the values Kisi is given as it tends to power 12 which will be equal to concentrate is not see that is 6 + alpha by 2 into concentration of Co2 + alpha by 2 / minus Alpha

square into 2 - alphabet to on solving this we will get it Alpha is equal to 3.9 9968 Alpha test match now the concentration of a at equilibrium would be for minus Alpha it will be 4 - 6 3.999 6 which will be equal to 0.0004 or we can also write it like 4 into 10 power minus 4 this is the concentration of AG in the option option first is the correct answer