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Class 11






Chemical Equilibrium


For the reaction 2A(g)+B(g)hAr...

For the reaction `2A(g)+B(g)hArr C(g)+D(g), K_c=10^(12)`.if initially 4,2,6,2 moles of A,B,C,D respectively are taken in a 1 litre vessel, then the equilibrium concentration of A is :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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hello today question is for the reaction to weak acid + BD actors from secret use plastic gases and ac what is given EST and this part was initially 426 2 moles of a b c d respectively are taken in a 1 litre vessel than the equilibrium concentration of a is this question it is given that for this reaction the value of KC is given 10 raise to part 12 KC value is very high that is dangerous to pass value to is this reaction is almost completely forward direction and completely complete in the forward direction because it KC values very very hai 50 write reaction for that is to a gaseous plastic Asha it is forming freak Rashi Rashi Rashi values given an initial moves are given and volume of the battle is why we

have to calculate concentration of at equilibrium at time T is equals to zero two moles of 2 moles of taiyar present and let se at time T is equals to equilibrium X moles of some useful dissociated from October to xmos will dissociate because station batteries to and from here xmos will discuss here and here xmos will format expose will come with these are the number of moles at equilibrium for the reactants and products now Kirti value is given as 10 raise to power and cases equilibrium constant is the concentration of the product Paritosh metric official consideration of reactance is to Fir Socha metacognition now for this reaction if we write

the Casey value that would be the concentration of the concentration of the / consultation of a standard social metric official that is 2 into consideration of the concentration is calculated as the number of moles divide by the volume the volume of the vessel is given as 1 litre to its concentration will be equal to the number of moles where we can write the concentration of C will be the plastic concentration of the will be to plastic concentration of a will be 4 - 28 and square of this into consideration of the that is 2 - That is equal to 10 days 2 part 12 this will be equal to this kit will be

then equals to 10 days to part 12 so we can find out the value of x from this so that will be 10 raised to path value equals to if you find the value of x x will be equal to 3.999 solve this equation that it will form a quadratic equation and even find the value of x if we have to find out the equilibrium concentration of a equilibrium concentration is 4 - 28 we have to find out this value it will be concentration equilibrium concentration of a will be what is 4 - 2 divided by

the number of moles and volume is 1 m it will be equal to the number of more consideration will be 24 - 2 X and X is 3.96 and this value will be equal to 4 into 10 raise to power minus 2 molar concentration of a at the correct option for this question is option that is 4 into 10 raise to power minus 4 I hope you understood the solution thank you


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