For the given compound X, the total number of optically active stereoisomers is `"_____________"`. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/VMC_CHE_WOR_BOK_03_C11_E05_081_Q01.png" width="80%">

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Chinese for the given compound at the total number of optically active isomers is letters a to answer this question you must recall drawing stereoisomer of an organic compound first to know about that what is stereoisomers formula and structural formula but different in Sparta arrangement auspicious arrangement optical activity and what is optically active isomers which rotate the plane polarised light it is called optical activity and what is measurement which have to chiral

carbon and present and use our and rows to a similar the net rotation of plane polarised light due to this reason is zero for this compound ok question it is given question to the bone represented by solid and the solid line this this this this configuration at the specific carbon and the geometry of double bond is fixed and wild zigzag line this is this is and this is the exact line indicates the configuration as a specific carbon and the geometry of double bond is not fix to draw the stereoisomers of the given molecule we can just very the configuration of zigzag

respond to form name list and trans while keeping the orientation of bones 4 and v to outside the play and Mrs 2 Second war latest structure for this compound hair which year which solid line 12 CH3 it is represented by this outside the plane ok this

this this is our first structure and again literacy won most serious on which year which this this bond is changes and to Nexus

CSC another similarly changing the order orientation of phone for inside the plane we get to more and trans isomer latest week we get two or more two or more sis and trans isomers latest hair nice tight which

white this site orientation of bone for inside the plane heavy can see the boon for inside the flat

it is inside the plane this again going to 14 which are also decide which white 3 type CS3 similarly cricket formula isomers and the bone to inside the plane ok for inside the place that is still the structure

Snow White double bond CH3 CH3 s structure which is which uses which

please 3 which is tea tree from away from the user to move which is this which which this this

this is also Ch 3 last last optical isomer real hey Rohit this is dash

stage 3 CH3 get a total 8 stereoisomers which in c a plane of symmetry in the institute one instead I saw my one that is listed at this site present this it is in either I so much this it is in is not optical rest of the stereoisomers

optical active duty absence of plane of symmetry in rest of their is no plane of symmetry that's why or axis of symmetry or any point of symmetry their phone number opticals active isomers of the given compound is 7 is present in one compound it is it is optical active all other of a given compound X the total number of optical activity stereoisomers is 7

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