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Chemical Equilibrium


For the following equilibrium ...

For the following equilibrium : `Si(s)+2Cl_(2)(g) hArr SiCl_(4)(g)`, if P is total pressure then degree of dissociation (x) is related to P as (Presume x to very small)

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`x prop P` `x prop (1)/(P)` `x prop sqrt(P)` `x prop sqrt((1)/(P))`

Answer : A


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is for the following we have this equilibrium given to us if P is the total pressure than degree of dissociation and is related to which we have this equilibrium reaction so it is assigned we have to cm It is we have the degree of dissociation and acts and the pea is that a = 20 let us take the ceiling as one motor and cl2 also as one would so at any time T this as I will be disappear 1 - X associated as 1 -2 since we have to cl2 and the products formed

given that produce X to be very small if x is very small that means this 1 - X will be almost equal to one and this one minus 2 X will be all movie so if we see so here if we see if we calculate the total pressure at the equilibrium so the pressure at the equilibrium will be = 2 X + 1 + 1 so it will be 2 + X so from here we can see that this X is 2.2 can see that X is directly proportional to P so the degree of dissociation is directly proportional to the total pressure according to the summer answer should be I want you understood the questions to practice questions

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