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Class 12






Chemical Equilibrium


For the following equilibrium ...

For the following equilibrium <br> `N_(2)O_(4)(g)hArr 2NO_(2)(g)` <br> `K_(p)` is found to be equal to `K_(c)`. This is attained when `:`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

T = 1 KT = 12.18 KT = 27.3 KT = 273 K

Answer : B
Solution : `K_(p) = K_(c)(RT)^(Deltan)`<br>`K_(p) = K_(c)(RT)` <br>`K_(p) = K_(c) when (RT) = 1`<br>`T = 1/R = 1/0.0821 = 12.18 K`


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ab question is for the following equilibrium and 24 is forming to NO2 KP is found to be equal to K C this is attained when you were here given this equation right into food is forming to NO2 night and they are saying that KP sound to be equal to K C now what is relation between KP and KC K P is equal to K CRT rays power Delta entry and what is 33 number of gases moles of products - number of gaseous moles of reactants over here we have one mole in product in sorry reactants and two more in the products that would be evident NG Vol 2 by 2 minus 2 minus 1 is equal to write so they are saying that K P value is equal to K C when it would be too so it would be true event this whole would equal to right now overhead energy is found to be one hour after value is equal to b is equal to be what so ever had we know the value of R B then find the

temperature value is it to be worn by R and R S word 0.0821 from where temperature comes out to be 12.1 it can be the temperature comes out to be 12.1 it K so one cannot take this is correct 27.3 is not lead to CMC is also not answer to this question will be second that at this particular temperature at 12.8 1 K R K P value would be cool to KC right so how we have done it we're basically first of all find out the value of delta enjoyed this one right so we have got h k p is equal to K C R Ti right now there are saying that at which temperature KP would be cool to see that we need that this Aarti should be equal to one that is how we can get K P value is equal to K C this Aarti would put this article equals to 1 rights we know the value of R in find out the temperature value from here that comes out to be 12.18 k h answer is S


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