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For the following balanced red...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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equivalent weight of `MnO_(4)^(ɵ)` is `(M_(1))/(5)`Equivalents weight of `Br_(2)` is `(M_(2))/(10)`The n-factor ratio of `MnO_(4)^(ɵ):Br_(2)is1:1`none of these

Answer : A::B
Solution : (i). `5e^(-)+MnO_(4)^(ɵ)toMn^(2+)` <br> (ii). `Br_(2)to2BrO_(3)^(ɵ)+10e^(-)` <br> (iii). `2MnO_(4)^(ɵ)+Br_(2)+8H^(o+)to2Mn^(2+)+2BrO_(3)^(ɵ)+2H_(2)O` <br> `Ew(MnO_(4)^(ɵ))=(M_(1))/(5)(n=5)` <br> `Ew(Br_(2))=(M_(2))/(10)(n=6)` <br> (c). N-factor ratio `((MnO_(4)^(ɵ))/(Br_(2))=(5)/(6)`

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the following balance Redox reaction we have given it is given that is the molecular weight of KMnO4 - ratio of br2 and this will be M1 ratio I am to Eminem 2 respectively then we are to select which of these options is correct so first of all I will talk about Hamen mno4 - it is going to it is going to admin + 2 + 2 and here Oxidation state of MN + 72 balance this we just need to add 5 electron-electron balanced and in this case and factor is equal to 5 talking about me are so let's say we are to is having Oxidation State Of The Year and it is giving 2br 3 - 8 so from 0 to + 5 + 5 is for one year so we need an electron tried to be are which means that I am factor in

we are one factor of for both of them is given that the equivalent weight of KMnO4 -15 so Equivalent weight we know that it is equals to molecular weight which is divided by 15 25 similarly for PR to it is equivalent weight it is equal to I am to by 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. to whiten is correct design with n factor ratio for MI Note 4 - and B are two it is 1 ratio 1 but if we talk about so the ratio is 5 ratio 10 which means the ratio 1 ratio 2 today's option is incorrect and correct correct option in this case is option A and B thank you

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