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For the cell, Pt|Cl_2(g,0.4"ba...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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hello everyone this question let me explain it to you for the cell the cell has been given to us and we have to find its units of first of all we would be fine day writing reaction Western side of the cell represents the anode and the right inside of the Salt Bridge represents the cathode so it right the reactions which are happening at anode oxidation happens to chloride ions will be losing the electrons liberating chlorine and fluorine and loss of two electrons and if it off but the thought that there is gain of electrons reduction chlorine would be gaining two electrons and will be releasing to chloride so if we see the overall net reaction of the cell from here that becomes chloride I want reacting with chlorine and giving to chloride ions include sunao the concentration of condition is given for both the chloride ions that if we pay attention so we don't have to get confused Har ok now we will be applied

Singh creation directly and according to the most equation what would be the expression for the EMF of the cell that will be equal to a note of cell -0.05 9 divided into log the concentration of chloride ions which are there on the right inside to the pressure of the chlorine gas pictures that again on the left inside it would be a taking overhead coming from select inside ok / we will be having chloride ions race to the strict metric Coefficient on the left inside leg draught and Crusher gana for the chlorine gas which is there on the right inside ok so we will be substituting the respective values in EMF of the cell in or out of the cell will be taken as zero because we are having the same size zero and this will become - 2 -

2.05 9 electronics change of two is taking place into low of substituting the value of chloride ions from the given cell and the pressure conditions that is given to us / chloride ions on the left point 1 square pressure on the right inside this is already given in the question this is point Bhopal this point to Sofia substituting these values and from where we could be getting the expression for the EMF finally that comes out to be equal to 0.051 V ok so going up or correct answer is option number thank you


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