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Class 12






Jee Main Revision Test - 26 (2020)


For the cell, Pt|Cl_2(g,0.4"ba...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : (-0.05) E = `E^(0) - (0.0591)/(2)log""((0.1)^(2)(0.2))/((0.4) (0.01)^(2)), where E^(0) = 0`<br> solving E = -0.05`

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all question is this is all half cell reaction as we know that in a half cell reaction this is our Salt Bridge and this is anode side cell reaction and this is as cathode side cell reaction ok so I left inside this is an old and in right hand side this is cathode reaction at anode we write a note to see and negative it will give cl2 + to electron at cathode it will give two plus two electron and CL negative chlorine to form a negative balance the equation here to also to put on adding this to electron will cancel out and it will form cause your concentration term of chlorine and CL negative are given different different values that we didn't cancel it to

see and negative react with two chloroform to see in negative + cl2 and we know that here we calculate the EMF and formula for this equation is EMF is equal to not sell -0.05 9 / and law CL negative whole square pressure of cl2 in left hand side and log of CL negative in right hand side / negative square into pressure of chloride in right hand side and this is left hand side all these values in excel equal to zero in a cell in excel equal to zero because it is a concentration cell and 0.059 upon and used to your because we know that your number of igneous 0.05 9.2 log 0.1 whole square is 0.2 / 0.41 0.01 which is equal to minus

0.059 upon to log 1 by 100 0.2 0.41 by 10,000 ok -0.05 90.2 100.0 10,000 on solving this it will equal to minus 0.05 V EMF is equal to minus 0.05 volt

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