For `Na^(+),Mg^(2+),F^(-) and O^(2-)`, the correct order of increasing ionic radii is :

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
`Mg^(2+) lt Na^(+) lt F^(-) lt O^(2-)` <br> This order can be justified on the basis of the fact that a negative anion is larger than its neutral atom due to a decrease in effective nuclear charge. As the valence electrons now experience weaker attractions from the nucleus, its size must be largest. On the contrary, a cation will have smaller size than its neutral atom due to an increase in effective nuclear charge. Higher the positive charge, smaller the cation.


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starting question question paper for any positive energy to positive negative and positive negative the correct order of increasing Ionic radius the given iron ore mine mine Lori 9912 fluorine is 9810 it has been the number and the number of electrons are there

electronic that will attract more strongly resulting in decreased with magnesium and two possible have the least five followed by Sodium any positive and then Lori 9F negative then left number of electrons

they are larger than neutral atom effective nuclear charge and they are more than neutral atom increase the nuclear charge increasing effective nuclear charge thank you

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