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For gaseous state, if most pro...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`C^(**):barC:C=1.128 : 1. 225 : 1``C^(**):barC:C=1:1. 128:1.225``C^(**):barC:C=1:1.125:1.128``C^(**):barC:C=1.225:1.128.1`

Answer : B

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hello students let's start an expression for gaseous state is most probable speed is denoted by star square ST number of molecules ratios of these teams are so as you can see the representations about the most probable Steel has been given by the most probable speed on Badi who are kinetic theory of gases we have known that it is expressed as to what is the capital of

220 any monitors of mass accordingly the average average speed is very much more to ask a does nothing but the average of all of the gas molecules which are present in the mass of the gas that is given by the mathematical expression and that is Capital city is called as the root square speed or it is also called as the root mean square speed means Quest to find out this particular speed what we do is V square of the

molecule we calculate the mean of the true so that is what is RMS means square feet and given by the mathematical expression the whole square Ki Aarti by capital we have three expressions regular you have to do to the visual history previous policy we just got to relate them properly Yeh let me later in this manner so as to be root of 2 Aarti by capital M is 28 R Ti bi Pi m s Capitol square root of free Aarti by what is the system that is get into the calculations here now as you can see Aarti by N is

the most common ratio to be can multiply each of them why and what we end up with root 2 root 3 upon 5 is to be calculated values of each of them 1.414 if you can be written as 22 sweeper trade test 2 into 1.414 is 522 57575 22 is 2172 taking all of the calculations together like dividing 1.414 every everybody

what we end up with is as follows that is what you want is to 1.128 is to 1.22.2 so this is our is going to be matching with option number this is what is the ratio yes you want to use the expression and according to find out the issue a simple question and who you are explanation thank you

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