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For a reaction, 2SO_(2(g))+O_(...

For a reaction, `2SO_(2(g))+O_(2(g))hArr2SO_(3(g))`, 1.5 moles of `SO_(2)` and 1 mole of `O_(2)` are taken in a 2 L vessel. At equilibrium the concentration of `SO_(3)` was found to be 0.35 mol `L^(-1)` The `K_(c)` for the reaction would be

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

(a) `5.1"L mol"^(-1)`(b) `1.4"L mol"^(-1)`(c) `0.6"L mol"^(-1)`(d) `2.35"L mol"^(-1)`

Answer : A
Solution : `{:(,2SO_(2(g)),+,O_(2(g)),hArr,2SO_(3(g))),("Initial conc.",(1.5)/(2),,(1)/(2),,0),("At equilibrium ",(1.5)/(2)-0.35,,(1)/(2)-0.35,,0.35),(,=0.4,,=0.15,,=0.35):}` <br> `K_(c)=((0.35)^(2))/(0.4xx0.4xx0.15)=5.1" L mol"^(-1)`


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equation questions for the reaction to a SO2 + O2 is in equilibrium with 23 and given the number of moles of SO2 that is 1.5 and number of moles of a given with the bottom of the vessel that is to L now at equilibrium the concentration of so3 was found to be 0.350 mole per litre now we have to write the value of the equilibrium constant for the reaction now write the reaction that is 22/23 your initially yaar cable TV office to add one ola auto now added at equilibrium latest scores for one moon of dissociation it will take the value that is equal

to 1.5 - 2 Fitbit is situated in case of SO2 biggest speciality Coefficient is true and in case of photo it will be 1 - show the formation of us will take this how these are the number of moles these Aarti number of that is now we are given with a concentration of so3 consideration of so3 is 0.35 now the number of moles and we are given the water so the consideration will be equal to number of most / the one that is too which will be cool 2013 from here we can get the value of x is equals to 0.35 that is it will be 115 - 28 2013 50.7 0.35 2 is status

WhatsApp for this action will be equal to the product that has 3 metal Corporation that is to abide by the consideration of SO2 metric official that is 2 and 4 ^ this is the equilibrium constant what is the reaction write two values given number of moles of SO2 30.704879 the volume because we are right and consideration should be given to the power 2 divided by the number of moles of SO2 is 0.8 the part 2 by 2 and CO2 is 0.65 and we will get the value of the equilibrium constant

after solving this will get the value was 2.35 hot per Suresh Prabhu


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