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Class 12






Sample Paper 2011


For a first order reaction, th...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `mol 1^(-1)s^(-1),s^(-1)`.


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first order reaction the unit of rate is the date of rate constant question from the chemical Kinetic superfast what is protection rating change in concentration of in one of the reactant for product if we can write in the terms of reactant decreases concentration of reactant with respect to time negative sign indicates decreasing concentration of reactant while increasing concentration of product with respect to time the concentration in molarity mole per litre simply unit of rate it is Mol per litre molarity Mol l inverse and S the first of 10 unit of rate for the mall l nearest mechanic and now

as we know rate ke and concentration power in Shoulder Mein b0dar first or second it depends on it is a number of any rate is delta Delta T RN 26 vision we can drive this is also a concentration is also a concentration in the concentration in molarity and mole per litre we can write mole l inverse 1 - sin 1 - 3 second inverse value for the first order 4 first order

annual report equals to 1 mmol l inverse 1 -1 to 1 -1 is 0 and 0 power anything is 12 unit of K is taken in so question rate Mall l Universe second inverse Y rate constant that can invest for the first order reaction is reacted aur product it is a reactive it is decreasing concentration of reactant so we put a minus 5 Y 10 product is positive and this is the rate ki


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