For 2HI(g)H2(g)+I2(g) write the expression of kc.


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students I hope you all are doing goods today if you have a question like this for to HIV gas equilibrium H2S + I2 gas write the expression of KC to write the expression for latest action like this aaa plus biwi equilibrium general election taking now for this general reaction will be concentration of product concentration of products to the power stock metric option to product / concentration of reactant Power Stock metric of ascent of reactants you can learn it as a formula we have to take separate products and separate reactants in this case if we have to product then we will take concentration of two products into product for
this particular application will be concentration of CBSE and product To be built a concentration of CMD that is mostly into concentration of the power documentary coefficient of be that is morning / concentration of reactant concentration of a n d so it will be concentration of capital A to the power efficient of capital and capital is a small it will be a to the power a into B to the power bi ok hair be the reactant ok and stocking metric of intent of this act is being built a concentration of we could it be that is Modi general will return to general reaction that is if we will be equal to
3 to the power 3 into 3 / formula and this will be easier for you to learn it like this ok will be equal to concentration of H2 and I2 product concentration of / the concentration of reactant and will be equal to concentration of h to stop automatic of agent of H1 H2 N2 concentration of ^
Ab To is where is ok and stock metric of payment of SBI Lalsot divide the concentration of h i we have created and only one reactive power to where is to efficient of HIV is to it will be reacted to the power and formula you can easily see that it will be reacted to the stock metric efficient AC is equals to product to the power of concentration of 2 to the power 1 divided concentration of h i to the power to be asked to take power of metric of expression for PC for this reaction
to this is a understand the basic concept this is a very basic version thank you

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