Find the volume of gases evolved by passing `0.1 A` of current for `965s`, through an aqueous solution of sodium succinate at `27^(@)C` and `1 atm`.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
<img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/KSV_PHY_CHM_P2_C03_S01_059_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> Reduction at anode of `H_(2)O` takes place. <br> `2H_(2)O+2e^(-) rarr 2 overset(c-)(O)H+H_(2)uarr` <br> `[` Since reduction potential of `H_(2)Ogt` reduction potential of `Na^(o+)]` <br> `[1mol `o f `C_(2)H_(4)+1mol ` of `H_(2)+2 mol `of `CO_(2)]` <br> `2F` or `2xx96500C` of electricity produces <br> `=4xx22.4L ` of gases at both electrodes at `STP.` <br> `:. 0.1 xx965C` will give `=(4xx22.4)/(2xx96500)xx0.1xx965` <br> `=44.8 mL` <br> Volume at `27^(@)C(300K)` and 1 atmosphere pressure <br> `(V_(1))/(T_(1))=(V_(2))/(T_(2))implies(44.8)/(273)=(V_(2))/(300)` <br> `:. V_(2)=(44.8xx300)/(273)=49.23mL`


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hello students processes that find the find the volume of gases award award by passing point 1 if your current 4965 an aqua solution of sodium succinate at 27 degree centigrade and 180 ok but we have got way we have a solution of sodium succinate aqua solution of sodium succinate ok bye have this aqua solution for what sodium that takes place when the electrolysis of text play and what is the formula formula in c e o n ch2 ch2 so and this is this is the formula of sodium succinate

electrolysis takes place to order your 2028 H2O ok CO2 and H2 now we have to find the volume of OK what is formula for CO2 c4h 4422 c444 ok this is the molecular formula now what what the current bought the charge is passed through the electrolyte fast charge pass charge ke charge pass through electronic electro light what is the charge Q is equals to it ok

i t i is 6.1 and time is 5.1 ampere of current flow over for the 965 S ok this is in Kohler what is 8.1 into 96550 convert into 2500 3500 it will be one upon thousands upon thousands when this this amount of Paradise sodium succinate solution aqua solution then the number of occurrences in 1000 1000 plants form at 1000 number of excellence of that substance celebrated at cathode and anode deposited the number of moles of H2 and CO2 H2O and CO2

liberated liberated at cathode and anode and cathode ok because that amount same amount when same charge that amount of charge password it like that equal that amount of equal number of electrolyte and no more equivalent of a thousand planets so number of H2 that is one upon thousand so what is IT branch moles of H2 into and tractor and tractor arduino n factor of H2S h2se h2te moles of H2 in one upon 2002 so volume of H2 will be a volume of H2 that will be more than

two 22481 upon 2000 2000 is the most most equal to 2002 22.4 that is the ok X there so what will be the volume of H2 that will be valavan 11.2 ml for this year 2 x 1000 ke now we have to calculate the volume of YouTube award ok but will be there so one upon the number of people of your to that is also one upon Thousand Years to Vodafone and that will be equal to moles of Co2 into Inspector what will be the impact of Co2 that this convert into this

application status 4 carbon and carbon Oxidation state of carbon is two plus 4 let's suppose Oxidation State ke plus 4 - 8 = 20 ok 6 - 8 - 24 X equal to 2 X equal to half oxidane n factor for Carbon change in oxidation number 84 - half year per atom of carbon given for minors are that will be 7272 ok now what will be the most of your two moles of Co2 will be moles of Co2 will be one upon one upon 3535 that is moles of Co2 ok sure to be the volume of your to Mohsin to 22.4 phone 3500 into 22.4 in

2004 2020 2.4 in 2008 26.4 ml OK what will be 6.4 ml also X Priya 2 x 1000 22.4 upon 2010 2010 so what will be here here will be 11.11 to 11.2.2 and volume of 6.4 ml of 2.4 M thank you

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