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Class 12






Test 9


Find out the incorrect stateme...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Al is least electronegative element in group 13Number of B-O-B linkages in `Na_2B_4O_7. 10H_2O` is sixBasicity of `H_3BO_3` and `H_3PO_3` are 1 and 2 respectively Bond order of `CO^+` is more than CO


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hello everyone in this question we have given for we have to find out among these which is incorrect statement Aluminium is least electronegative element in group 13 electronegative city is inversely proportional to size down the group atomic size increases but in group 13 elements are Boron Aluminium gallium indium gallium when we move from boring to aluminium size increases and electronegativity decreases aluminium to gallium

atomic size decreases and electronegativity increases because here and gallium in Audi orbitals are present which makes was still in effect for which affect necklace charge in pages so attraction of outer electrons towards the nucleus becomes more by which size decreases and electronegativity increases down the group to Indian and in the order of orbitals respectively provide for ceiling effect for which effective nuclear charge increases and attract the electrons what the nucleus becomes more

and also the size gradually decreases electronegative integers is the least electronegative element in group 13 is a correct statement next statement is number of the linkages in na2o 7.10 H2O is 6 in a2b 7.10 H2O is Sodium tetraborate decahydrate let's draw a structure sodium tetraborate that is enough to be 47 decahydrate that is not 10 H2O contains four number

of Boron foreign atoms are present like this year and oxygen is present here one oxygen your one oxygen and your one oxygen and here is one oxygen we draw the lines between them and we will calculate the number of b o b bonds than it is in and it is in a class is the structure of nh4oh 7 that is Sodium tetraborate and here it is 10 H2O that is decahydrate so we draw the structure of Sodium tetraborate decahydrate less

calculate the linkages this is one view will increase this is one beautiful linkage this is your 10 feeling and here it is durable and here it is a linkage so total 5 number of Bob linkages are present here highest number of linking then it is a cell density of boric acid and phosphorus s a r 1 and 2 respectively 3 that is boric acid is a monobasic

mono paise English essay so boring Kaise is V Kaise boring Kaise does not release h + does not release H plus rather it accept one voice minus 1 - which its bases city is equal to one but in Phosphorus is said that is H 3 PO 3 density is equal to 2 necessity is equal to to how let see the structure here this is Phosphorus double bond

OS and it is to determine basicity what we do we count hydrogen atoms directly attached to two oxygen atom so here total number of hydrogen atoms that are attached to two oxygen atom auto fans here or basis it is equal to 2 we find density of boric acid is equal to 1 and basicity of phosphorous acid is two statements he is a correct statement the last statement is bond order of SEO Plus is more than SEO for bond order calculation we use the formula bond order

is call to number of electrons in bonding molecular orbital - number of electrons in antibonding molecular orbital / to now let size molecular orbital configuration of CO and CO2 + is a locking system and SEO Plus is 13 electron system so we can write foresee Sigma one is to Sigma star is to Sigma 22 by its is equal to pi by Y both have two electrons and two electrons then it is Sigma to feature Tu

and here it is Sigma started to bond order of Co2 is equal to number of bonding electrons is equal to 10 - number of antibonding electrons that is 4 divided by 2 and hear the value comes 3 write the molecular orbital configuration of CU + 1 electron will be removed from master to so we will get the configuration to Sigma star 1 is to 2 is to buy X2 Y2 Sigma 2 Piche 2 Anya Sigma

star to S1 so the bond order of CU + will be equal to bond order of O2 Plus is equal to number of bonding Electrons - number of antibonding electrons that is 3 divided by 2 and value comes 3.5 so bond order of SEO Plus is more than that of CEO hence the last statement is also a correct statement so our answer will be statement to each incorrect

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