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Class 12






Surface Chemistry


Fill in the blanks by choosin...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : dispersion medium, dispersed phase

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hello everyone the portions please fill in the blanks by choosing the appropriate word words from the given in the brackets write a dialysis authorisation dispersed phase and dispersion medium electrophoresis electro-osmosis coagulation chain gents gold number in effect protective colloids and electron now the question is Colloidal Solutions are heterogeneous and consists of two phases namely

purse n s so let's see what are Colloidal Solutions basically now they are classified into various categories depending upon the number of particles and also in the range of Sanjeev particle size the first hour to have very nice day have approximately less than 1 nanometre right then you have suspensions suspensions are kind of heterogeneous UPS solutions which has very high range of the solute particles and third we have the colloidal

supplied and Solutions they have a range between date of true solution and suspension they are intermediate between the store and let's see what can be the answer so dialysis is basically it is the separation on the basis of osmotic pressure peptization is a mode of protection of colloid solution ok dispersed not this is used that it will see the Colloidal Solutions of colloidal solution consists of two phases stills dispersed phase

ok dispersed phase you can say it is it can be a solute rate so it has to be dissolved or dispersed in a dispersion medium and medium we can say it with the solvent which is used to disperse these pieces together so dispersed phase then we have dispersion medium life situations that are the dispersed phase

Kolkata course fees and dispersion medium oak 120 to 150 is basically the separation of substances on the basis of electric charge on them electro-osmosis of electric current and a process is the movement of particles from high concentration of solvent to low concentration coagulation and flocculation its means meaning of coagulation emulsion is a mixture of liquid and acquired together jealous type of colloidal solution is gold number it is defined as mg of

because I'd rather than 10 ml of board solutions tyndall effect is basically be light is the lightest fast who coined as a pass protect itself or physically protection of lyophobic and electrolyte balance in the prince of electric current so solutions are at rojana and these consist of two pages that are dispersed phase and dispersion medium price

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