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Periodic Table (Periodic Properties And Variation Of Properties)


Fill in the blank: In period 3...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone the question is fill in the blank in period 3 the most metallic element is this question they have given his three elements from period 3 that is Sodium magnesium and aluminium which are placed in the periodic table like this sodium magnesium and Aluminium now we have to choose the one which is most metallic among these so metallic character metallic character is directly proportional to the tendency to lose an electron from the outermost shell a tendency to lose electron from Valence shell so we will see now across the period we know that the electronegativity increases how across the period if you go from left to

write the number of electrons keep on increasing but the number of Shell remains the same and because of that the nuclear attraction increases towards the outermost layer and this attraction full the outermost shell towards itself and it is it is very tough to remove an electron from the outermost shell but also if you go from left to right the number of electrons in outermost shell has increased for example if you take two example of halogens they have 7 electrons in outermost shell and only require one electron to fulfill the noble noble gas electronic configuration so they won't lose electrons 7 electrons to gain the noble gas electronic configuration instead they will add one more electron to to the valence shell and fulfill the eight electron of date configuration while if you see in the

side of the periodic table we have the alkali metals and one of the alkali metal is Sodium sodium it has one electron in its outermost shell and it is very easy for it to lose that one electron and attain the noble gas electronic configuration it won't be given in gaining any more electrons because it is very high energy requirement process and instead of gaining 7 electrons it will rather lose that one electron and attain the obtained the metallic character from left to right decreases in the period so the metallic character decreases that what I said it is the it is directly proportional to tendency to lose electrons in the valence shell so in the right in the left side of the periodic table the metals that are present have the tendency to lose electrons from the balance check now

magnesium is also a group to add element and this group to element is called the alkaline earth metal is also a matter as well as Aluminium is a metal but the thing is the metallic character as a set from left to right decrease is so that's why sodium will have the highest metallic character and the sodium will be the correct answer these questions and answer for this question is any sodium thank you


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