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Few reactions of alkanes are given below. Identify the name of the reaction which is not correctly matched with the reaction.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`CH_(3)CH_(2)CH_(2)CH_(3) overset(AlCl_(3)+HCl) to underset("Isomerisation")(CH_(3)-overset(CH_(3))overset(|)(C)H-CH_(3))``C_(6)H_(14) overset(773K)to C_(4)H_(8)+C_(2)H_(6)-`Pyrolysis`CH_(4)+2O_(2)overset(Delta)to CO_(2)+2H_(2)O`-Controlled oxidation`CH_(4)+HNO_(3) overset(400^(@)C)toCH_(3)NO_(2)`-Nitration

Answer :
Solution :
The reaction is complete oxidation or cumbustion of alkanes.


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hello everyone let's start the question the question says that few reactions of alkane are given below write identify the name of the reaction which is not correctly matched with the reaction to be have to find out the following options which reaction is not correctly matched with its name reaction right to which is in correct name reaction out of the following let's start with the first reaction which is given to us so if you see here in the first reaction we have an alkane which is beauty in reacting with their cl3 in presence of HCL and it is I summarising writes it is given to us that it is an isomerisation reaction will this reaction here is the correct reaction because of alkanes when they are heated in presence of anhydrous let me write down here again that this reaction is CH3 ch2 CH

PS3 so whenever alkanes are heated in presence of anhydrous alcl3 right and then they isomerized right they isomerized and form alkanes only but undergo isomerization reaction and always for home Tom and normal chain to branch in alkanes right to be always get a branch in Algae that means this action here is correct reaction because normal alkane write let me write down that normal alkane is converting and I summarising in presence of anhydrous alcl3 to form a branched alkyl option one is correct or moving on to option number to we have it is stating that C6 H4

upon heating form the 4-h 8 plus C2 H6 and the reaction given to others pyrolysis right to coming to the second reaction that has been given to us let me write down it is of paralysis reaction know this is also correct reaction because here if you see C6 H4 3 year it is an alkane and all the higher alkanes there it has 6 carbon atoms are all the higher education when heated at such a high temperature that is 773 k then they get converted into Alkesh that is lower alkanes as well as they get converted into alkenes here to the reaction which is given to us here is also correct because here we have what we have normal hexane no eggs and here it is a higher alkane and when heated it decomposes into speed

poweredge 8 which is what which is beauty right due to in which is an alkene as well as into its lower alkane richest C2 H6 which is what which is Ethane to this reaction here is also correct not coming to option number 3 we have here ch4 reacting with two O2 and forming CO2 + H2O and it is given that it is controlled oxidation right ko reacting with two moles of O2 upon heating it is given to us that it forms Hero to and more as the action is interesting because it is incorrectly match player is given to us that it is a controlled oxidation is not controlled

write down the correct controlled oxidation reactions of people so the correct controlled Oxidation reaction is that will meet with oxygen right when no one takes place in presence of water as a catalyst as 523 present temperature and hundred Paytm particular temperature it will form methanol what is methanol ethanol is ch3oh it is corresponding medians corresponding alcohol right and other reaction is also there that is when Methane reacts with the oxygen then in presence of catalyst like molybdenum mo2 O3 because it is a strong of the

sizing agent and it is a strong catalyst so hair Methane gets oxidized to aldehyde that is HCF rights these two reaction area controlled Oxidation reaction button option number 3 this reaction which is given to us is actually in correct reaction now coming to option number 4 also an option number 4 we have been given the reaction of Methane write let me ride on this is a fourth part and this is your third party in the fourth reaction is Methane reacting with HNO3 right at a very high temperature of 400 degrees celsius to the product formed will be Nitration will take place here right so it will result in formation of ph3 NO2 this reaction is correct why because HNO3 we know it is a strong nitrating agent to when it will react with n

it will what will happen NO2 will be electrophile hair so it will be a Nitration reaction to this reaction is also correctly matched to that means out of the following options that I have seen option number 3 is your incorrectly match to hear your answer will be option number 3 because it is incorrect here thank you

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