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The P-block Elements


Explain variations in electron...

Explain variations in electron gain enthalpy and electronegativity of group-16 elements.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : (i) Electron gain enthalpy : Group-16 elements have high electron gain enthalpy. Oxygen has less negative electron gain enthalpy because of the compact nature (Small size) of oxygen atom. <br> However, from sulphur onwards, the electron gain enthalpy becomes less negative upto polonium. <br> Order of electron gain enthalpy: <br> `O lt S gt Se gt Te gt Po` <br> (ii) Electronegativity : Oxygen is the second most electronegative element after fluorine. Down the group, the electronegativity decreases with increase in atomic number. This implies that metallic character increases from oxygen to polonium.


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