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Explain the following : Zinc d...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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explain the following link displaces hydrogen from acid solution and not value Falls into positive tools in conversion is given to us that is -0.6 right now we're supposed to explain that while on how whether the thing display to hydrogen from extinction right now are the position of think we know in the reactivity series is hydrogen or we can say that the oxidation potential of zinc is greater than hydrogen which means that it would displace hydrogen from the acid solution right we can also see this writing for example the given value is going to positive weight by the name of two electron is forming the things and min values -0.6 world for this reaction to visible in war reaction but we get the oxidation of zinc in 2002 positive right and what we would not value we would have positive 0.76 old and in case of hydrogen oxidation of hydrogen takes place

inform to H positive and two electron and in Australia for the hydrogen is 0.82 A50 compare this to oxidation potential values by this is operations visa oxidation potential value the greater is the oxidation potential value the greater the tendency to get off the right over here this building has more density get offer that is why it would be displayed for example if you talk about that if the post it is reacted with this exhibit to zinc food replace hydrogen and would form zncl2 and the evolution of I don't know if it would be to excel using react with HCl it would basically it displaces hydrogen b is the place in hydrogen because it oxidation potential is greater than hydrogen that is why it would get oxidized into zncl2 and would remove hydrogen and form hydrogen gas through this is the reason that why zinc is this place

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