Explain the following terms: <br> Phases of a colloidal solution.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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10th question saying explain the following terms phases of a colloidal solution now first of all you must know what is a colloidal solution well solution solution solution of what is well define polaroid

in which is the first into fine particles of other particles of other fine particles in another substance called dispersion medium

what is nothing but a heterogeneous system in which one is called as disposed it is called as is fine particles is dispersed into water stream as if you can be the particle dispose that means it is not this is also known as

continuous explain the following term faces of a colloidal solution we can still over here costas space and S is called now if you want to plane disturb then this is what the particle collision medium right ear depart of colloidal solution and disposal medium

recording video please boys like there are two pages in one is continent continent also known as dispersion medium and other just space speech complete question thankyou all

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