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Explain the classification of polymers based on the mode of polymerization and natural of molecular forces.



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Updated On: 23-7-2020

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On the basis of mode of polymerisation polymers are classified into two types: <br> 1) Addition polymers <br> 2) Condensation polymers. <br> 1) Addition polymer: The polymer which is formed by the addition of molecules of monomers of same type (or) different type containing double bonds is called addition polymer. <br> E.g: Nylon 6,6 Poly Ethylene terephthalate.<br> 2) Condensation polymer: The polymer which is formed by the condensation reaction between molecules having more than onr functional group is called condensation polymer. <br> E.g : Nylon 6,6 ,Poly ethylene terephthalate. On the basis of molecular forces polymers are classified into four types. <br> 1) Elastomers : These are rubber like solides with elastic properties . E.g : Buna -S ,Buna -N <br> 2) Fibres: Fibres are the thead forming solids which possess high tensile strength. <br> E.g : Nylon 6,6 ,polyesters. <br> Thermoplastic polymers: These are the linear (or) slightly branched long chain molecules capable of softening on heating and hardening on cooling . E.g : Polystyrene, polythene . <br> 4) Thermo setting polymers : These polymers are cross linked (or) heavily branched molecules which on heating undergo extensive cross linking in moulds and again become infusible .<br> E.g : Bakelite,urea - formaldehyde resin etc ...

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