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Explain solid-vapour equilibri...

Explain solid-vapour equilibrium by example.

Text Solution

Solution : At constant temperature in closed vessel the systems where solids sublime to vapour phase, this situation is known as solid-vapour equilibrium. <br> `"Matter"_((s)) hArr "Matter"_((g))` (constant T) ….(i) <br> Ex.-1 : If we place solid iodine (`I_2`) in a closed vessel, after sometime the vessel gets filled up with violet vapour and the intensity of colour increases with time. After certain time the intensity of colour becomes constant and at his stage equilibrium is attained. Hence solid iodine sublimes to give iodine vapour and the iodine vapour condenses to give solid iodine. Properties, colours etc. becomes constant. The equilibrium can be represented as, <br> `underset"violet solid"(I_(2(s))) hArr underset"violet vapour"(I_(2(g)))`....(constant T) <br> Other examples showing this kind of equilibrium are, <br> (i)`"Camphor"_((s)) hArr` Camphor ....(constant T) <br> (ii)`NH_4Cl_((s)) hArr NH_4Cl_((g))` ....(constant T)


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