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Explain pH scale and pH....

Explain pH scale and pH.

Text Solution

Solution : pH Scale Hydronium ion concentration in molarity is more conveniently expressed on a logarithmic scale known as the pH scale. <br> Defination of pH : pH of a solution is defined as the magnitude of the negative power to which 10 must be raised to express the activities of `H^+` ion (`a_H +`) concentration. <br> Activities a have no unit `a_H + = [H^+] "mol L"^(-1)` <br> This definition of pH is written as following. <br> `pH=-log a_H +` ....(Eq.-i) <br> `=-log [[H^+]/("mol L"^(-1))] [ therefore a_H + = [H^+] / "mol L"^(-1)]` <br> If mol `L^(-1)` = 1 So, <br> pH=-log `[H^+]` ...(Eq.-ii) <br> The pH scale is only for dilute solution in which pH method is suitable for solution whose concentration of `[H^+]` is less than 1 M. <br> The change with temperature the variations in pH with temperature are so small that we often ignore it. <br> It should be noted that as the pH scale is logarithmic a change in pH by just one unit also means change in `[H^+]` by a factor of 10, <br> e.g. `[H^+]=1xx10^(-2)` So, pH=2 and `[H^+]=1xx10^(-3)` =0.001 So, pH=3


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