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Class 11






Structure Of Atom


Explain giving reasons, which ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : (a) Not possible because the value of n is never zero. <br> (b) Possible. <br> (c) Not possible because when n = 1, l= 0 only, <br> (d) Possible. <br> (e) Not possible because when n = 3, l= 0, 1, 2 only. <br> (f) Possible.

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students in this question we are going to identify explain the reason for which of the following set of quantum number or not possible we are thinking each one option and then we are a perfect 10-0 bmd101 that means not elected for how this function is going to happen if I don't know this number is there a string that one electronics close by and there is not a nice tell them how they will be any subshell and how they will be orbital is it is not possible at all in one channel principles and equal to 1 and what is the right solution 0123 direct details will be presenting at 13 presenting p223 painting Apple accessories with one am an equal to zero and represent it in a position that mean

2001 what is the PIN it's going to be and it can be possible to configure router we can print clockwise and anticlockwise 1212121 the range of NP can have that it can be 0 to N -1 to be the possible range of it is not very creating anyone and everyone this condition of the terminates out let refers to the third man put option anything to do that with principal 40 to can elect the value 1 by referring formula and can a value from 0 to N management and -1 will be one in every one that mean we are having an value as there will be worried when it's going to be a bit of a button to prevent it like that having value from 0 -1

representation other option is going to be a timing 2020 can be your and negative One by Two that needs anticlockwise so it can be filled in anticlockwise Kiya MP3 range from 0 to and from what I have told previously and values Must Be One Less than the given in this going to adaptor 3 what is LLB 181 refer to the value of n even when we have a clear what are its value equal to 0 and 100

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