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Explain entropy and spontaneit...

Explain entropy and spontaneity of the process.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : (1) The spontaneous process results in disorders, hence increase in <br> entropy `(triangle S gt 0)`. <br> (2) The spontaneous process takes place with the decrease in free <br> energy `(triangle G lt 0)`. <br> (3) There are sone spontaneous processes which take place with a <br> decrease in entropy. For example. neutralisation reaction, <br> `H_((aq))^(+)+OH_((aq))^(_) rarr H_(2)O_((1)) triangle S lt0` <br> (4) From second law of thermodynamics, the entropy of the system <br> and its surropundings increases in the spontaneous process. <br> `therefore triangle S_("total") = triangle S_("system")+triangleS_("surr")gt0` <br> (5) To decide the sponntaneity of a process or a reaction it is <br> essential to consider the entropy of both, the system and the <br> surroundings. <br> (6) Hence, <br> (a) For spontaneous process: `triangle S_("total") = triangle S_("system")+triangleS_("surr")gt0` <br> (b) For non-spontaneous process : `S_("total") = triangle S_("system")+triangleS_("surr")lt0` <br> (c) For the process at equilibrium : `triangleS_("total") = triangle S_("system")+triangleS_("surr")=0`


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