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Organic Chemistry Some Basic Principles And Techniques


Explain by examples: (a) Compl...

Explain by examples: (a) Complete (b) Condensed and (c ) Bond-line structural formulas

Text Solution

Solution : (a) Complete structure formula (dash): <br> (i) The covalent bond represent by dash (-) or small line <br> (ii) In structure, every dash (-) means one bonding electron pair or two bonding electron. <br> (iii) A single dash (-) represents a single bond. <br> (iv) Double bond is represent by double dash (=). <br> (v) Triple bond is represent by triple dash `(-=)`. <br> (vi) Lone pairs of electrons on heteroatoms (e.g., O, N, S, X etc) may or may not be shown. <br> (vii) Every two atoms are represent by dash (-) and obtain complete structure. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/KPK_AIO_CHE_XI_P2_C12_E01_006_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> Methanol `(CH_(3)OH)` <br> `H- underset(underset(H)(|))overset(overset(H)(|))(C )- O - H or H - underset(underset(H)(|))overset(overset(H)(|))(C )- underset(..)overset(..)(O) - H` <br> Condensed structure formula: These structural formulas can be further abbreviated by omitting some or all of the dashes representing covalent bonds and by indicating the number of identical groups attached to an atom by a subscript. The resulting expression of the compound is called condensed structure formula. <br> (i) In structure all single bond indicating dash are not written. <br> (ii) These formula can be condensed by enclosing the repetitive structural unit within a bracket and place integer as subscript indicating the no. of times the structural unit gets repeated. <br> (iii) The multiple bond present between C and hetero-atom also not written. <br> e.g `CH_(3) - overset(overset(O)(||))(C )- CH_(3)` is written instead of `CH_(3)COCH_(3)` <br> `{:("Ethane","Ethene","Ethyne","Methanol"),(e.g CH_(3)CH_(3),H_(2)C= CH_(2),HC -= CH,CH_(3)OH):}` <br> e.g The condensed structure of `CH_(3) CH_(2) CH_(2) CH_(2)CH_(2)CH_(2)CH_(2) CH_(3)` is written as a `CH_(3)(CH_(2))_(6)CH_(3)` <br> (c ) Bond line structural formula: In this method, only lines are used and carbon and hydrogen atoms are not shown. <br> (i) The lines representing carbon-carbon bonds are drawn in a (zig-zag) fashion. <br> (ii) The only atoms specifically written are O, X, N , S, P etc. <br> (iii) The terminals denote methyl `(-CH_(3))` groups. <br> (iv) The line junctions denote carbon atoms bonded to appropriate number of hydrogens required to satisfy the valency of the carbon atoms.


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