Expand the following condensed formulas into their complete structural formulas.


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hello everyone so the question is and expand the following condensed formula and to their complete structure formula so I will look at that a given compound ch3oh h that we are having a carboxyl groups attached to it carboxyl group carboxylic acid is attached with methyl red so metal so what we can say we can say that it is actually known as Acetic Acid it it is known as acid Acid which is actually ch3cooh that and you can also said that it isn't methanoic acid tried so here we need in the question asking that expand the following condensed formula as it is in condensed font into their complete structural formula so we had to draw it structure it so in their destruction formula
ceowestbengal draw for methyl that is CH3 and that PS3 will attach to cwh so we know that we represent Si whs carbon double bond Oxygen and here we are having tried so when we attach it to see and we are having age and carbon double bond so we have attached a tight and available balance this with its hydrogen phthalate sunao valency is balanced so this is the structure for H3 right from condensed form to expanded form it so this is a required answer for acetic acid

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