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Expand the following condensed...

Expand the following condensed formulas into their complete structural formulas.<br> `CH_3CH_2OH`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Unsymmetrical alkyne gives two products with catalytic dehydration and with HBO reaction, whereas with `Sia_2BH+H_2O+overset(Θ)OH`, it gives only one product. More bulky `Sia_2BH` attacks on the less hindered triple bond to give only one product.


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Hello even so the question I think that expand the following sentence formulas into their complete a structural formula right so here we have a condensed formula given that is CH3 ch2 and we have to spend this in their structural formula show that our compound so it is given as CH3 ch2 and having it so what does this indicates which indicates that it isn't alcohol alcohol alcohol functional group attached to it and hear what we noticed that we have to carbon to carbon which means that it should it and we have every Kaun the hydrogen so we have 5 hydrogen of carbonate test and less of one hydrogen oxygen that is attached with oxygen so what we can say we can say that we talk about PS3

so it can also be written as C2 h5 8285 which means that it is actually ethanol methanol as an alcohol comes with suffix that is so it and then I'll all because here it contains that it contains a single bond Ch single bond so every draw that its structural formula paid so here we are having Karbonn Karbonn single want it and here we have its which group that is attached to it and now we will satisfy this carbon with hydrogen citrate so we will add 5 hydrogen as per the formula so here we are having C2 h5 right now if you look at this formula so this is actually a computer structural formula for PS3 as there is

3/2 and their having so it is known as it is known

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