Examples of few solids are given below. Find out the example which is not correctly matched.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Ionic solids - NaCl, ZnSCovalent solids - `H_2,I_2` Molecular solids - `H_2O_((S))` Metallic solids - Cu,Sn

Answer :
Solution :
`H_2` and `I_2` are molecular solids.


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hello restart the question the questions papers that the example of a few solids are given below find out the examples which is not correctly matched justice and equality NaCl and zns covalent solid S2 E2 molecular solid i20 metallic solid USA ionic solid and you will see that is sodium chloride and Zinc sulphide both are the example of this is the correct match no you are second year we have a covalent solid here the covalent solid where the sky to and S2 are the molecules are attracted by the secretive of attraction to hear this Y2 H2 and I2 molecule are

attractive attracted by week vanderwall attraction attraction because of this region they are molecular solid because of this region this covalent solid H2 and I2 is Agar correct answer here we have molecular solid and this H2O is a modular is the example of molecular

solid similarly it is metallic solid and again this copper and offence both are the metallic solid from all of this other option B is the correct answer option B is it correct answer correct answer yeah this is our correct answer thank you

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