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Enzymes with two sites are cal...

Enzymes with two sites are called

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

apoenzyme allosteric enzyme holoenzyme conjugate enzyme.

Answer :
Solution :
Enzymes with two active sites are called alosteric enzymes . One of these sites is the catalytic site for the concerned reaction . Other site may be the site for inhibition of catalysis by enzyme or to activate the enzyme further .


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the 2004 that is each of the options given year one by one is actually the protein part of the enzyme the protein part of an enzyme is lekin option that is definitely it is the answer to the two sides one is the side which is mining in the

reaction and different and other site may be inhibited or activity in each other in Hindi so this is an electric cancel the reaction which this type of enzymes show very specific in nature and these are also available in nature 9 which to see the another option that is third is actually it is a combination in enzyme

with so is a term used for combination of enzyme with certain who is the options given here that is the conjugate in such as the name suggests here it is the type of enzyme in which account you get it like this that the conjugate or any prosthetic group is attached to the enzyme is definitely this is also not correct answer and holoenzyme it is a combination with coins is also not a correct option

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